Ready to Rock 'n' Roll!

It was a scant six weeks ago that I made the sudden decision to go on Tour. I had been praying for guidance for musical direction for October and November, when out of the blue I received a phone call from Wendy. She was very insistent that I make the trip to Myrtle Beach to give a concert. Well, I thought, I’m not going all the way to Myrtle Beach for just one concert! Maybe…? A tour of the East Coast?

While ruminating about that, I received a second surprise phone call, this time from Viviana. When she heard what I was ever so tentatively thinking, she jumped on it like a dog on a bone. “You HAVE to go,” she said, “you HAVE to go!” Was this a vision, she wanted to know…well, yes…in short, she talked my ear off for well over an hour, explaining to me how Spirit works, and that Everything Would Come to Me, that I wouldn’t have to stress, just put one foot in front of the other and Have Faith…

Well! Needless to say, I was very encouraged—pumped, you might say. However, after another day or two it became clear to me that wonderful as all this encouragement was, I needed to hear Directly from The Boss.

So I prayed. And the answers came, two of them. The first was “This is the time. There is no other time. It’s now or never. You’re not getting any younger.” “But what about all my health problems?” I whined. The answer was incontestable: “Depend on Me”. Well! Who could argue with that?

So I sprang into action. I suddenly had more energy pouring out of me than I had in the past five years put together! Throwing things in boxes, in suitcases, trying on Performance Outfits, making phone calls, sending emails. Coming up with A Plan. Finding a Traveling Companion. Ordering things online to take on the trip. And more things. And more things. Plotting out a route.

And now here it is, six short weeks later, and Miracle of Miracles! With two days left, I appear to be right on schedule! 

Jeff due to arrive Friday, in the nick of time, after numerous set-backs and challenges.

First leg: Hadley, MA to Chattanooga, TN. Concert in Connecticut, Recording Session in Brooklyn, Prayer and Talking Circle in Jersey City! Another concert in Northern Virginia and one in Towson, Maryland. Possible Circle in Alexandria. And then on to another concert in Chapel Hill, one in Greenville, SC, and finally on to Chattanooga to meet up with family for Thanksgiving as well as another concert there!

Leg #2: Florida in December! 

Leg #3: Myrtle Beach and the North Carolina Triangle!

Leg #4: Back up the Coast through Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut—and FINALLY—HOME!!!

So wish me luck! And pray for me! And come out to see a concert if I’m anywhere near you!



Oh, and by the way, he showed up immediately...

Jeff Knight, (my Knight in Shining Armour) has graciously agreed to accompany me on this Tour! He will be Chief Driver, Cook, Bag Carrier and all-around Good Guy to help me with all the little (and big) details that I can't do myself...

Did I mention that this Tour is planned to take place during the months of November, December and January? 

We are in the process of contacting friends from Providence to Sarasota! We'll let you know more as the everything unfolds...