November 12th: First Tour Post

It's been a week now since Jeff and I started out on this ridiculously ambitious venture of touring the East Coast promoting my music! So far I've given three concerts (two more tonight!), recorded eight songs at a Brooklyn studio with "my" cracker jack pianist, and held a wonderful Prayer and Talking Circle with ten folks in Jersey City, six of whom were under the age of thirty! We've stayed in four different homes and met uniformly wonderful people, all of whom are living their lives to promote the betterment of the human race, each in his or her own delightful, unique way!
We've lived through an election, exhaustion, miles on the road (how many, I wonder?), and last but most importantly, have begun the ongoing process of learning to trust, communicate, compromise, tolerate, understand, forgive and take care of each other!

We've stayed in Oxford, Connecticut; Brooklyn, New York; Jersey City, New Jersey; and Sterling, Virginia. In an hour or so we will be on our way to Towson and Sparks, Maryland, and from there to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where we will have a brief respite of a few days (and a lot of activity) before driving to Greensville, South Carolina and then on to Chattanooga, where we will rest and recuperate with my family for the Thanksgiving holiday! WHEW! It's a good thing that "God" has my back, because I could never do this otherwise! What a MIRACLE!!! Oh yeah, and I've only lost one or two things so far! THAT'S the biggest miracle...